Investment consulting, including, but not limited to asset management and bond issuance. Trust services for clients who want to maintain full anonymity in business operations.

Capital Group management and consulting services include comprehensive strategic planning in the context of the needs, capabilities, opportunities, risks and the potential of a particular company.

Financing development, current commitments and projects. Financial instruments matched to your company’s needs and capabilities.

Comprehensive bookkeeping and accounting services. Assistance in establishing a company, reliable book keeping, HR services, detailed tax audit, cost optimization and business consulting – higher tax savings and profits for the company.

Funding provided against collateral – a solution for companies with limited credit capacity, creating an opportunity for entrepreneurs to develop their business, achieve goals and complete business projects.


„We take pride
in our Clients’ success,
which eventually becomes
our success.”

The foundations of our company rely on comprehensive knowledge in the field of finance, law and taxes, along with experience and versatile competences of people, coupled with awareness of the needs and expectations of the modern entrepreneurs and individual customers.

Year-long traditions, efficiently combined combining with new opportunities and advanced technologies, allow us to facilitate the development of companies, ensure security of services and contacts with business partners, as well as a stable position in the industry on the local, national and international market. From the very start of our operations, we have been focused on achieving our goals and assumptions. Our mission is to provide effective financial, tax and legal solutions for companies. We draft individually tailored business strategies, implement custom projects, act as business partners for entrepreneurs who are constantly striving to grow their competences. We take the burden of looking after the finances of their companies off their minds, train them in management, effective sales, selected legal and accounting issues, advise them on how to streamline their company’s internal functioning. At the same time building a positive external image, which is supported by funding proposals to cover the expenses related to their business.

Our effectiveness is confirmed through the successes of those clients, who placed their trust in us and rely on us in the most important areas of their activities.


  • Bartłomiej Wasilewski


    Initiator and founder of Marshal Lion. Many years of experience, coupled with both theoretical and practical knowledge, allow him to advise clients every day on how to manage their enterprises effectively and finance new investments. Bartłomiej is a certified accountant, sharing his knowledge with clients on a daily basis. He provides comprehensive advice for both entrepreneurs and individual customers. Apart from day-to-day support in many fields of business, he teaches team management, sales, professional customer service, as well as legal and accounting topics. This is the person to rely on with questions on how to set up your own business, optimize costs and generate profits in a short period of time. Bartłomiej’s team assisted in obtaining more than 3000 loans and establishing over 1000 companies, enjoying the trust of over 10,000 clients. Bartłomiej Wasilewski supports those, who are taking their first steps in the world of business. He also founded the Tributum Cura foundation. The mission of the foundation is to support entrepreneurs in obtaining funding for their startups and exchange experiences concerning company management. 

    Greatest professional success
    Business successes of Marshal Lion’s clients.

    Strategic management, strategic development of enterprises, financing, team management, sales.

    Hobbies outside the financial industry
    Martial arts, music, movies. 




Investment is a process, with a clearly defined goal and the need for a sound plan. In order to develop and constantly increase the effects of your work, you need good financial management. Marshal Lion Capital is a team of experts whose many years of experience in the investment market allow them to provide investment consulting and financial instruments portfolio management services. We support institutional and individual investors, operating both domestically and abroad. Our offer is based on flexible cooperation terms to provide custom offers drafted to match the client’s expectations, capabilities and goals.

Marshal Lion Capital works in the field of investment consulting, with a strong focus on asset management and bond issue. We also offer a trust service for clients who want to maintain full anonymity in business operations.

If you are looking for investment opportunities and want guaranteed success, contact our experts! We’re eager to hear about your plans or you can use our well-proven practices. You can rely on us to only point you in the good direction.

Developing and growing a company to assume leadership in an industry is largely determined by investment based on a precise analysis of its potential, but also the market sentiment. We support companies in making good investment decisions, analyze financial instruments, define the entrepreneur’s goals and take into account their risk appetite. Our services for entrepreneurs, individual customers, local governments and foundations include asset management and bond issue.

Treating an analysis of the client’s capabilities and the current market situation, including potential future developments, as a point of departure, we offer a strategy best suited to the client to help them achieve their goals. Your portfolio is automatically updated as part of the asset management service. You can access the portfolio at any time, so you are up to date with the decisions made by the manager. This offer is addressed to all clients who are looking for an investment solution that goes beyond the market of our country.

Bond issue is one of the methods for using foreign capital to finance enterprises. It may constitute be a supplement or an alternative to loans and bank loans. Bonds are securities issued by an issuer. The issuer thus confirms that they are a debtor to the counterparty, the bond holder. This constitutes a special kind of loan, which is also subject to interest.

Are you looking for investment opportunities? Do you need advice or want to use our asset management or bond issue services? Get in touch and tell us how we may be of service

Are you planning an business transaction, but for some reasons do not want to disclose your involvement? We can close the deal on your behalf as your trustee. This allows you to retain full anonymity. Your name will not appear on the transaction documents nor contracts, you will not be included in any register. All the proceeds will be transferred to you and we will not use the rights that we have acquired for you.

We offer a wide range of trust services. We only support legitimate transactions, we do not undertake unethical activities, we do not act to harm creditors nor do we make fraudulent transfers of property. Clients can rely on us to assist with, among other services, acquiring real property on their own behalf but for the benefit of another entity. We offer fiduciary storage of property and create corporate vehicles, i.e. private foundations and trusts.

Trust services are designed for all those who want to maintain the highest level of anonymity in business operations. We guarantee full discretion, honesty and transparent terms of cooperation. Our trust services are provided through special purpose entities, established in countries that can boast an elaborate range of identity protection and utmost commitment to upholding banking discretion.

With the rapid and effective development of its clients’ business, Marshal Lion implements various solutions related to the sale and restructuring of companies.

We will buy a company that is available for sale and has liabilities, ensuring that the transaction is closed with a good deal. The next step is bringing its functioning to an optimum level and looking for opportunities to re-sell the entity. We will find the best solution available on the market for investors interested in buying a company. The Marshal Lion database includes both domestic and foreign partnerships and companies.



We offer ready-made solutions for business, developed based on the analysis of an individual company’s profile, its potential, abilities and possible risks. Our goal is to improve its functioning on the market, with special attention paid to the growth of profits and benefits, while reducing the amount of work and effort.

A good growth strategy always envisages an increase of profits and decrease of losses. Using our experience accumulated over the years in business strategy and planning, we will guide you and help you introduce changes to optimize your business costs.

You can rely on our support in setting up capital groups, as well as comprehensive consulting services concerning their management. Managing a capital group includes setting common goals and plans, monitoring project implementation, financial analysis, financial projects risk analysis, forecasting results, optimizing processes in the field of finance and management.

With our assistance you can set clear goals, reduce the level of risk, increase development opportunities and secure success of the most demanding projects. We also share our experience, knowledge and skills, constantly in search for new solutions. Excellence in multidisciplinary management of capital groups is one of our core goals.
Our consulting services include comprehensive strategic planning in the context of the needs, capabilities, opportunities, risks and the potential of a particular company. We support entrepreneurs in building a strategy for their business development, as well as in formulating a business model.

We will help you define short and long-term goals, draft a risk map, analyze your clients’ needs, develop a new product strategy, prepare a competitive analysis, determine the budget, human resources and capital under a new business model and then implement the final strategy.



Financing development, current liabilities and projects. Financial instruments adjusted to your company’s needs and capabilities.

Stabilization in the market is the goal of each entrepreneur – both in financial and image-related terms. It requires constant development, investing in new solutions to improve the company’s operations and expand its scope of services. As part of the activities of Marshal Lion Finance, we offer support and advisory services in the field of finance, fund-raising for the start-up and development of operations and the ongoing fulfillment of liabilities towards other entities.

Our goal is to provide customers with security and financial stability. We develop strategies that result in increased profits and reduced costs. Our approach focuses on identifying critical areas at the company, which generate the largest losses, and implementing solutions that improve the financial situation of entrepreneurs.

Loans and financial services offered are addressed to all companies looking for a safe and reliable source of financing that would be optimum for their circumstances. Once we complete an analysis of the entrepreneur’s needs and individual areas of their activity, we find the best solution, combining the greatest chance of success with the least risk of losses.

We advise on how to manage the budget to reduce costs and increase profits. You can also rely on us to help find the best source of financing for your company to cover current costs, as well as the costs of implementing a new project. Our offer is designed for large and small companies and partnerships, as well as investors and those who plan to sell or buy a company or shares.
Marshal Lion offers financial solutions that allow you to implement your assumptions without the need to interfere with the company’s budget.
  • Cash loan
  • Corporate loan
  • Mortgage
  • Non-banking loan
  • Leasing
  • Factoring
  • EU grants for companies
One of our advisory services focuses on improving our client’s credit history with the Credit Information Bureau (Biuro Informacji Kredytowej, BIK). This way they can increase their credibility, as well as the chances to obtain new financing for the company. Our offer also includes solutions intended to remove you from other databases, i.e. Economic Information Bureau (Biuro Informacji Gospodarczej, BIG) and National Debt Register (Krajowy Rejestr Długów, KRD).
Together with partner law firms, Marshal Lion provides comprehensive legal advice for enterprises, including, but not limited to commercial companies and capital groups. Our legal services cover issues related to the current operations of the company, as well as external representation of your business in administrative and court proceedings.
We also provide debt collection services, restoring financial liquidity for our clients’ companies. Our activities are focused on two key objectives – to minimize the time needed to collect debts and increase the effectiveness of our strategies.
We assist indebted entrepreneurs with restoring liquidity and avoiding bankruptcy. If you are in a financial predicament, have no fear – we will find a way to help you.

At Marshal Lion, we care for the financial safety, opinions and image of our clients. Business intelligence allows us to eliminate the threat of risky decisions regarding cooperation with a new counterparty and business partner. As part of business intelligence, we offer counterparty verification:

  • we analyze their financial standing,
  • we verify them for any potential tax debts,
  • we analyze their cashflows,
  • we assess their profitability and financial liquidity.
We are at your disposal at every stage of the bankruptcy proceedings. Whether you need advice, assistance in developing a business strategy or comprehensively support for both debtors and creditors in bankruptcy proceedings – we’re here to help.
Our services include comprehensive support and help throughout the entire bankruptcy proceedings. We will inform you that the necessary documents have been collected, instruct clients on legal issues regarding personal bankruptcy, represent them before the bankruptcy court, receiver and creditors, as well as provide legal assistance when it comes to the stage of selling the bankruptcy estate. Before the final application is submitted, we always verify the facts and assess whether our client meets all the conditions to declare personal bankruptcy. Whenever better solutions are available for the client, we also propose other methods of debt relief.



Marshal Lion is a modern and professional accounting firm, providing you with reliable bookkeeping assistance, as well as support and advice for your business.

We are here to support the development of your company from the moment it is founded, up until finding the best offers and sources of financing for your current operations and planned investments. Extensive knowledge, a solid market position and the trust of our clients allow us to provide high quality bookkeeping services at an affordable price.

We assume the responsibilities related to maintaining trade books, settling Lump-Sum Records, drafting and submitting statements. Small and large companies may rely on our comprehensive bookkeeping services. We advise on bookkeeping and accounting, take the strain of maintaining trade books off the entrepreneur’s mind, draft financial statements, prepare accounting documentation and perform all other activities related to finance, taxes and accounting in your company.
With us you will no longer need an HR and payroll department, as our comprehensive services ensure full compliance with the labor law and Social Security Institution regulations. We ensure the confidentiality of personal data and minimize the risk associated with errors made while maintaining HR documentation.
Comprehensive assistance in the field of tax optimization and solving tax problems, implementation of effective legal tools and other solutions adjusted to the actual status of the company, its capabilities and needs.
We perform tax audits, looking for areas where you could generate more savings, and as a result achieve higher profits.
We will represent you in all matters related to criminal and tax proceedings. We deal with matters related to tax offenses and misdemeanors concerning tax and customs obligations, as well as rules concerning foreign trade in goods and services. Our services include representing the accused in court, drafting appeals and extraordinary appellate measures, as well as legal memoranda. We also provide reliable legal advice.
Our offer includes off-the-shelf solutions designed to achieve your business goals, striving to achieve the lowest possible tax burden. We assist in taking the best decisions to build financial stability for the company
Help, support and advice for people planning to open or relocate their business outside of Poland to countries with advantageous tax systems for tax optimization purposes.
Our goal is to facilitate the development and management of the company for our clients. We provide assistance in drafting a fully functional corporate structure.
We support clients planning to open a foreign bank account. We have the necessary knowledge and experience, and we monitor tax regulations in Poland and abroad on a regular basis, so that you can rest assured that foreign banking will be sued to secure your property without infringing on legal regulations in Poland and your country of choice.
We bring your dreams of your own business to life, offering assistance with the necessary formalities, drafting documents and choosing a source of financing. You can also rely on our advice throughout the process.



Funding provided against collateral – a solution for companies with limited credit capacity, creating an opportunity for entrepreneurs to develop their business, achieve goals and complete business projects.

Marshal Lion Loans offers collateralized loans for companies as a source of financing available for entrepreneurs with limited credit capacity. We understand the importance of continuous development and extending service ranges in an era of violent and ever-present competition. The company’s budget is not always ready to accommodate your plans and development projects. We are convinced that our help will allow companies to successfully pursue those plans and dreams.

Collateralized loans are a financial product where the borrower transfers the ownership of tangible property onto the creditor. Real property is most commonly used as security – loan amounts available depend on the property value. Having analyzed the financial situation of the company, its opportunities, as well as the purpose of the loan Marshal Lion Loans suggests the most optimal solutions, structured to match the needs of the entrepreneur.

Business is not only a source of income, but there are also financial obligations towards the Social Security Institution and the Tax Office to be considered. If the entrepreneur fails to pay contributions and taxes, they must be prepared to receive a visit from a court enforcement officer. Arrears with the Social Security Institution and the Tax Office can be repaid with a special type of loan. . We will assist you in choosing the best offer on favorable terms, which may even allow you to repay the full debt amount.
Less formalities, short decision times, opportunity to finance any investment and purchase – a cash loan for any purpose offered to private clients and companies. The offer you can expect from us will be best suited to your individual financial possibilities, expectations and investments.
This is becoming an increasingly popular source of financing for natural and legal persons who own real property. Mortgage loans are the answer for those looking for a source of financing for any purpose. We will analyze your financial situation, credit history and sources of income, agreeing on convenient terms of cooperation without putting too much strain on your monthly budget.